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Splendid Fashion

Splendid Fashion Show 2014

Symbol Of Alliance Job Scope


Event Conceptualization



Event Management



Guest Invitation




Event Design and Production





Media Invitation and Coordination




Event Marketing and Promotion



- Conceptualization and arrangement for event performance and  entertainment,

  including artists, venue decorations, exhibition and props.


- Event rundown, guest & media reception, registration and VIP management

  during the event. Event manpower and MC management.


- Identify and invite representatives from the government  departments, districts

  councils, fashion designer, design students and fashionable guests to attend the

  Fashion Show.


- Liaise with the venue management, arrange design and production of backdrop,

  stage props, branding and other event materials. Stage lighting and sound



- Invite and liaise with local medias from fashion, social to  supplement reporters to

  attend the Fashion Show. Lined up a media partner for the fashion show to gain

  more exposure.


- Identify fashionable social medias and promotion channels to promote the event.

  Event Promotion materials and props.

Event Highlights

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